Sunday morning and what to make for breakfast???  Eggs? Well, we had breakfast for dinner on Wednesday.  Little milk, so limited on cereal for 5 people.  How about Gingerbread pancakes? I can use the gingerbread pancake mix I got to give as a Christmas present but never got around giving.

So, I’m making pancakes, which I haven’t done for quite some time.  I recently thew away my electric  skillet due the non-stick coming off and very uneven heating.

So I have 2 choices: a large round pan with non-stick bottom or a regular size cast-iron pan (which I really never use).  I start with the larger of the pans.  It is a little bigger than my biggest burner , so I still have uneven heating.  Parts of the pancakes are black, and parts are nearly raw.  I move on to the cast iron skillet, pancakes want to stick, so I use a LOT of oil in the pan for cooking-yuck.  The pancakes cook still not so well, and seem to be very greasy.  I have now made about 6 pancakes, and figure at this rate, I will be done with the batter in about….who knows but it will take too long. 

What to do, what to do??  I figure I am not out anything, and the batter looks like muffin mix, I mean I added the same stuff to the batter that I do when I make muffins, so out come the regular muffin pan and liners, I spray non-stick in the liners and add the mix.  Still more batter left so I get out the mini-muffin pan and spritz with non-stick.  Throw in the oven at 400 degrees, and keep a close eye on the muffin/pancakes. 

They turned out so yummy. 

Even the mini-muffins turned out deliciously yummy.  Pretty ginger color, no burn spots, no raw, spots, just yummy all over the plate .  The best part, we all got to eat pancake/muffins together, none of that two pancakes ready at a time.

Compare the pancakes with the muffin pancakes (still trying to figure out what to call them).

Here are some just yummy pics of the pancakes/muffins with syrup & butter.

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