The Endless Roll of Plastic Wrap

I have never been a big fan of buying in bulk, especially at the big stores, but when  we lived in Lantana the local Sam’s Club had nice deals, and was just as close as the grocery store.  We began using the Sam’s more during the hurricane seasons because they always had lots of water and other supplies before the storm and seemed to open soon after a storm.  At some point in  2004 or 2005 we bought this huge roll of plastic wrap.  We used it generously, although if I can put something in a plastic container with a lid I try to use it because you can re-use a container.  Well, last night as I was putting away Cody’s b-day cake,  and I used the last of this good buy.

When we bought it, I wasn’t most fond of it.  It took up a lot of room, and  after the first couple of months the cutter bar fell off.  I kept a knife inside the box after that to help with the tearing/cutting of the wrap.  After some more time, the box needed to be re-inforced to keep the roll in place-notice the duct tape.  After a few years, it became a staple in the house.  Funny how we all joked about the freaky endless supply of plastic wrap.  It never seemed to get low on the roll.

It moved to SC with us, has seen many holidays here and in Fla, and Harry said he had begun to think that this roll of wrap was counting down his life.  Well last night the last of the plastic was used, and Harry is still here.

Will we ever buy another big roll of plastic wrap?  Who knows what the future holds, but if I decide that plastic wrap is what I want in my future, I am not going to play around with some weenie roll of wrap-I will go again for the gusto, visit a local bulk buy store, and begin to enjoy the next wonderful wrapped up years.


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