Autumn is Falling!

Whatever you want to call it, Fall/Autumn is a wonderful time of year.  It has taken me a long time to find joy in Fall, I always hated the longer nights, and  cold, damp, dreary weather, but I have come to embrace this time of year like a warm blanket wrapped over my shoulders, and like hot cocoa in my cup, I drink up the beauty of this season. 

The first hints of Autumn can be found on your grocery store shelves, where everything is now pumpkin until Thanksgiving.  I am pumpkin crazy this year, not sure why, but I can’t seem to get enough of this wonderful fruit(?).  I’m having pumpkin cream cheese on my bagel in the morning, pumpkin cookies for a snack, pumpkin marshmallows on a roasted fire, and pumpkin coffee to wash it all down. This is only a small part of what I see in the stores.  I want to try them all. 

Black-eyed Susans bloom like wild flowers-wait, are they wild flowers?  Not sure where they rank, but they are gorgeous.  There are other wonderful fall flowers that seem to wait summer’s plants to finish their show, and then KABOW!! the flowers are full and lustrious with long lasting blooms until nearly November.  Mums, these pretty bluish purple flowers, and the “Susans”.  Their splendor cannot be touched by spring or summer’s blooms.  It is the last push for color before the winter months.

Another wonderful, unexpected gift that Autumn has in store is the Fall Garden.  My garden is still springing with peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and some  other sorts of greens that can be cooked up or chopped and served in  with a delightful salad.  I can find all kinds of edible gourds and squash also, at road side stands, farmer’s markets, and the local grocery stores.  These are so warm and cozy when baked in the oven with a flavor packed dressing in the center.  Yum, makes me want to start dinner right now.

Fall also has 2, count them, 2 big holidays on the calendar.  Halloween and Thanksgiving, very social, very fun, very food filled holidays.  These bring people out in all kinds of weather, all kinds of family, and all kinds of friendships.  We enjoy the company the holiday brings and can continue to feast on the yummy memories throughout those long, dark, cold nights.

With the leaves and temps dropping outside, and fireplaces and gatherings getting cranked up, who could deny that fall is a wonderful season to enjoy.  It has taken me half of a lifetime to realize the true beauty of this season.  Maybe, before I was too green, to much spring in my step.  The time has come for me to embrace the Autumn of  Life. 

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