Pit Stain Remover Recipe

I have been trying new recipes out this week-end: home-made remedy recipes. 

These are all over the internet, and many books that have been out for years.  People have been trying different proportions and ingredients, and all thinking I have the magical potion.  I’m not sure if the one I will walk you through is magical or not, but if you have shirts with bad stains in the armpits and still want the shirt, then try this concoction.  It is fairly easy to find the ingredients and not really expensive.  So lets get to the meat of the post.

First the stains, yes, I know nasty.  These shirts had been washed, and yes I was wearing them with a little more stain each time I wore them because I could not get the stain out in a regular wash.  The shirts are turned inside out, and even thought the stain was less noticeable on the outside , it was there.  (I found that if I ironed the shirt, then the stain was could hardly be seen.)  The shirts are polyester/spandex blend, just for reference.Image

Next are the ingredients that I used:

White vinegar:1 cup,

Washing Soda (not Baking Soda and a little harder to find): 1/4 cup

20 Mule Team Borax: 1/4 cup


I used a large plastic container to mix it all up  Ingredients are added in the order that they are listed.  There will be fizzing as you add the Washing Soda to the vinegar.  Just add it slowly.  Stir, and then add Borax.The powders might not dissolve all the way, no big deal. ImageImageImage

Now, I took only one side of shirt and put it into the solution.  I only did one side to check effectiveness.  I did NOT rub the solution in or scrub with any kind of brush, just made sure the pits were soaking in the solution.  I let it soak for 20 minutes, then put it in the wash with other clothes to make a full load.  I did add the remaining solution to the washer, I figured it could be a booster for all the clothes.  Then on into the dryer, and AMAZING!!!


I am surprised the stains came out of both sides of the shirts.  ????  Not sure why, but I think I am going to mix some of this up and have it on hand to add to each load of clothes.  I guess I need to add that the laundry detergent that I use is a home-made powder mix-not a commercial brand.