Laundry Detergent: (HOME) Made Easy!


Finished Laundry Soap

Saving money, getting clean clothes, and being kind to our earth are not phrases you hear all the time together, or maybe you do when you hang out with me and my friends.  This little recipe is fast and easy, you will probably take more time finding the ingredients in your store than you will making the laundry soap.  Once you know where to look for the ingredients, and there are only 3, this will no longer be a time consuming task.



 1 cup Borax (I do not know of any substitute for this)

1 cup Washing Soda (not baking soda)


Grated Soap

Bar of Soap (like Fels Naptha, Zote, Ivory)

Grate the soap-I use a hand held grater.  The first batch I made, I didn’t have a grater, so I cut the soap into small pieces, but they didn’t dissolve very well in the wash.   Make sure to wash your grater well if you use your grater for food.

*DO NOT leave grated yellow cheese unattended-it really looks like cheese and will ruin a perfectly good taco.


Option 1:

Put grated soap, 1 cup of Borax, and 1 cup of washing soda into a large bowl. Stir ingredients gently together. Pour powder mix into a plastic container with a lid and label as detergent.

Option 2

Put grated soap into a gallon plastic bad. Add to this 1 cup Borax and 1 cup washing soda. Seal bag and shake gently to mix. Label the bag.

Use about 2 TBS for each load. I have a front load washer, and I usually add a little bit of vinegar or Pine Sol to the liquid detergent area to help with sweaty teenage boy smell.  (To measure out 2 TBS, I use on old medicine measuring cup)

Have fun being thrifty!