Eat, Pray, Love Review!

Eat, Pray, Love  

by: Elizabeth Gilbert

This book has been out for a while and I just got around to reading it.  Loved it. Some parts are a little slow, but overall story and message is inspiring.  I am glad that I didn’t go see it at the movies a few years ago, because, I just don’t see the movie doing this book the justice it deserves.  Let’s face it, when you see movie that is based on a book, you are seeing the writers pov, the director’s pov, the cameraman’s pov, and then you get to add yourself into the picture.  As I read this book, I felt myself transforming as the author transforms her life.  Although I saw her as a bit needy &  dependent on others around her (especially men) in the beginning of the story, it was good to see the transformation of her confidence and self worth of womanhood as the story progressed.  I am not convinced that will stay so independent, because of her new and “all in love in such a short time” relationship with Felipe.  Girls who need men think that love happens in a week or month, it happens over time sweetheart, and sometimes it is that quick attraction that turns into long term.

(Stepping off the soap box)

I love how the story addresses the power of meditation/prayer, the importance of knowing who you are, the honesty to know yourself, to stand for what you believe, do what you want to do-this is life..LIVE!

Scores an 8 for inspiration (scale 1-10)